This lazy Sunday morning I found myself going through the slew of Mets Tweets that have accumulated since midday yesterday. Thankfully I caught Adam Rubin’s article on the passing of Mets great Tommie Agee and learned a little more about that day ten years ago. The best part of the article was reading about Agee’s trip to Disney with his family and realizing that he was just like the rest of us – afraid of roller coasters.

Reading this article also reminded me of the time my Dad took my brother and I to meet the 1969 Mets in New York City. I couldn’t tell you the date or year, but it had to be at least twenty years ago. We waited on line with a bat and ball my Dad just bought us for the show. The bat was especially cool because it was one of those custom Louisville Slugger bats with the two World Series Championship logos burned into it.

We finally entered the room and the Mets were all there sitting behind tables formed in the shape of a U. Seaver and Ryan were not there, but I remember specifically shaking hands with Tommie Agee and Ron Swoboda. Tommie was very inviting and knew the significance of our meeting, being we were youngsters looking up to him as one of our heros. He smiled and asked us how we were doing and all we could mutter was a shy “fine.” Ron was extra nice to my brother and let him wear his World Series ring, which I thought was amazing, but I also thought it should have been me. I’m die hard and my brother loves hockey.

That was a day I will never forget and I thank my father immensely for doing things like that for us. He really isn’t a baseball fan but he roots for the Mets and his sons. He’s the best!

Take a minute to ready Adam Rubin’s article: