Four years ago, rapper 50 Cent gave Major League Baseball a first pitch that no one will ever forget.

As you can hear in the video below, Gary Cohen called the pitch on the SNY pre-game show by saying it was “Just a bit outside,” a line usually reiterated by Hall of Fame announcer Bob Uecker.

50 Cent was quoted in a recent interview about his new movie, “Den of Thieves,” talking about that unforgettable first pitch in Queens.

“They have baseball cards with me throwing the pitch – real baseball cards that they made!” he said. “I go, ‘Wait a minute: Who cleared this?!’ Whenever baseball comes up, there is no one worse than me, as far as throwing out a pitch.”

The rapper also known as Curtis Jackson, admits he was trying to be too “fancy” on the mound, attempting to throw too hard, and well…you know. He is open to trying again, and apparently a few teams have reached out to him.

One of these teams, the NY Mets, decided to give the celebrity a chance at redemption this season by inviting him back to Queens and hopefully throwing a strike this time.

Hundreds of people, maybe even thousands at this point, have provided teams with ceremonial first pitches – and just about all of them have succeeded. But how many do you remember? Can you even recall who threw out the ceremonial first pitch at game one of the World Series back in October?

Precisely, I couldn’t either. (It was Rachel Robinson, her daughter Sharon, and son David by the way.)

One thing is for certain, even if 50 Cent never decides to take the mound again, his first pitch at Citi Field in Queens, NY will never be forgotten, and that’s not such a bad thing when it comes to the great American pastime.