I asked a bunch of fans whether or not they felt Johan Santana was worth the money being he threw the franchise’s first no-hitter. Here is what they had to say:

[colored_box color=”blue”]theantoniolongo
Indeed it was. There have also been other great games he brought us and was always an example of a ball player and I will rep his jersey till I die.[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]joebozzella15
It wasn’t worth it cause we could have spent his money on better hitters and gave up 5 solid prospects for us even though the no hitter was the greatest moment I’ve ever lived as a met fan.[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]austinc021
He most definitely was. Although probably out for the season, still a great pitcher towards this team. That moment when he made the no hitter was the greatest moment in mets history for me, only being a teenager. I will never forget that date.[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]justdavenj
I don’t care about the prospects. Although Humber did pitch a perfect game. Not just a no hitter already. The money sucks for a guy who has yet to play a full season as a met. It’s sad he is so good and likable but you have to hate that contract. The mets are a sub 500 team since the deal.[/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]bare4
He gave it his all every time he stepped on the mound. True professional. You can’t fault him for getting injured. He gave us a reason to watch every fifth day for some not so good teams. Thank you Johan![/colored_box]

[colored_box color=”blue”]meggsterrx3
He’s done more than most mets we’ve had for a decade and I’m not meaning that in a bad way he’s a fricken legend I love the mets and I love Johan.[/colored_box]

Personally, I am a torn fan. Johan Santana as a player was amazing. He threw some of the best games I’ve ever seen by a Mets pitcher, and yet the offense struggled so much he was rarely awarded much deserved wins. He pitched through injury and of course gave us the no-hitter.

But what if that hit by Beltran was called correctly?

Johan Santana would have been a bad signing. He will end his career here with a record of 46-34 and an ERA of 3.18. He only started more than thirty games once back in 2008 – his best year here. In 2009 he won 13 games and in 2010 he won 11, but they were both cut short due to injury. 2011 was a lost year due to surgery, and in 2012 he was never the same after the no-hitter. 2013 you already know.

It all really comes down to one bad call by an umpire on June 1st, 2012. If it was called correctly, you wouldn’t care – but being it wasn’t, he will always be Mets royalty in Flushing. And am I the only who finds it so damn ironic that the bad call came against Carlos Beltran?