Football season is finally over in my house. I am a Giants fan, so my season was over a few weeks back, but I was pulling for the Jets. I really don’t think there is a real rivalry between Giants and Jets fans, not as much as Mets and Yankees fans, so I don’t see it as a big deal – but others may think differently. Regardless, tough loss Jets, see ya next year.

Now back to a real sport – BASEBALL!

We are a mere 21 days away from pitchers and catchers. I can almost smell the warmer weather as I write this post, but I look out my window an realize we’re still a ways away from opening day. But that’s cool, all the moves we were going to make this offseason are for the most part done and it’s time to evaluate the team.

So where do we stand? Honestly, I have no idea.

I’ve written about how the team will fall way short. I’ve also written how we have a shot at the whole show. When you look at the team as a whole and its potential, we should make a run for it. Take all preconceived notions and collapses and throw them away. Forget about them all and just clear the board. Now write out the potential starters for the Mets on opening day. Reyes, Davis, Wright, Beltran, Bay, Pagan, Thole and insert your pick for second. If they all play to their potential, we’re loaded!

Now take the same list and give them last year’s numbers and stats…yeah, that’s where we start to lose confidence again. But that’s last year.

I’m going to go into this year with more optimism than usual, at least until something makes me think otherwise. I am definitely interested in seeing how our rotation plays out. At his point I’m not too confident, but we may catch some lightning in a bottle with all these new signings and surprise some people. You got Big Pelf, Dickey, Neise and I don’t know much about the rest to feel anything but we’ll see.

I am very excited for spring training, I think more so than years past because of all the front office moves made this offseason. All the staff moves and new, different kind of players brought in make me want to see what Sandy and his team really know about baseball in New York. I know he’s proven himself in Oakland and San Diego, but this is New York. The big city – where baseball is a vital part of everyone’s life! You could say these are the big leagues when you compare this city to the others in MLB and the time is coming where we see what Sandy’s made of.

Yep, 2011 could be a very big year for the franchise.