Walking through Citi Field yesterday I was very overwhelmed. The Mets call this place home and it was hard for me to accept. I grew up at Shea, and even though it needed to be upgraded, I will always miss the place that first brought me baseball.

I only caught two innings before I looked at my wife and said, “Lets check this place out!.” My first stop was the Jackie Robinson rotunda. I personally love the fact that homage is paid to one of the greatest ballplayers that ever lived, as well a the Brooklyn Dodgers. I know many Mets fans want to have their own identity, but the Dodgers were the Mets back before they moved to the West Coast, so it’s all good in my book.

After that, we sampled a few of the food offerings and found it to be pretty tasty. We didn’t have time to wait on the line for Shake Shack, but it will be on top of the list for our next visit. By the way, I had super control of myself after taking a trip to the Mets clubhouse shops. I could have lost my life savings in that place and I probably will over time. The selection is just awesome and I plan on making it a routine stop every time I visit New York. Of course there was more, but you all know about Citi Field, this was just my first time so I had to leave a few of my thoughts.

The game itself, well you all know about that too. I watched as Reyes wiffed and Pagan grounded out to end the 7th and that sealed the deal in my mind. It would have been nice if my first visit was a win, but that wasn’t the big story in my mind. The fans were.

The feeling in the park was odd. You had a bunch of fans cheering, you had some jeering, but they were all mumbling. I didn’t feel the energy like I have in the past on opening day. It definitely has to be because of the state of the team, but you always hope that it doesn’t get to that point. I think it finally has for the Mets fan and they have every right to feel that way.

I hope things change sooner than later. I hope the Mets give us a reason to cheer and to forget that we are rebuilding. I no longer expect to be in the playoffs, or even try to make a run. I just want to be respectable and not be the laughing stock. My wife on the other hand just hopes they bring down the price of chicken.