The Mets picked up Reyes’ option for $11 million yesterday and he seemed pretty positive about playing with the Mets another year stating “I can’t wait to get started again. This is where I began my career and this is where I want to stay.”

I love reading quotes like these from players, especially homegrown guys because a major leaguer’s dream is to start and finish with the same team. Reyes knows he had a couple of off years and wants to prove to himself, as well as the team and its fans that he is a force to be reckoned with.

A constant stat I heard on SNY and WFAN was that when Reyes scores, the Mets win – and win a lot! Small little things like that keep a team in the game and get their confidence going. Baseball is that type of a game – highs, lows and most importantly momentum. I think it’s very important to keep a gem like that around and try to get even more out of it. Next year is a contract year for Reyes, so you know how hard he’s going to play, it’s not a secret. I just hope it’s lasts past 2011.

Beltran on the other hand will be playing solely for his contract. He mentioned how the Mets would do what’s best for the team but that he also wanted to play in New York for a few more years. Honestly, I think he’s just saying what he needs to say for media purposes and he really has no plans on sticking around at the end of the 2011 season.

Sandy Alderson has invited Beltran to speak with him, most likely about his future with the Mets, but no answer to that invite has been given just yet. I do think he will accept at some point, but for what reasons I do not know.

I can’t sit here and say Beltran was just a player on the Mets. He was one of the best center fielders we’ve ever had and we all know what he’s capable of doing with a bat. I’ve seen him win games, go on long home run streaks and has a few highlight reels we love watching over and over again. But he’s missing one piece to his career – and that’s a ring.

If the Mets decide to go on a sweet tear next year with their band of players, he will be complete. The chances of that happening are average and I think he knows that and wants to play for a winner – especially one he knows can get him his ring. I don’t blame him for wanting that, I know I would want one and he’s changed teams few times already, so you can’t say his heart is in any one place.

I hope Beltran gets what he wants one day, of course I hope it’s with the Mets, but I think this will be the final year you see #15 in a Mets uniform.