David Wright is one of the best players to ever put on a Mets uniform and is living a dream many of us wish we could. He grew up rooting for the Mets, brought up in the Mets farm system and has hopes of finishing his career with the Mets. Wright has said that he bleeds blue and orange and is as die hard as they come and everyone needs to recognize.

I really don’t know where all this hostility towards David Wright comes from. He in no way at all deserves to have his name brought up in trade talks. Currently he’s batting .279 with 8 home runs and 49 RBIs and is nowhere near the worst player on the Mets, or the league for that matter. Sure he has slumps but so does everyone who’s ever played the game and that doesn’t make him damaged goods. He is a leader on the Mets and has provided us with some of the best moments in baseball. Need a reminder? Have a look below.

It’s been a great ten years having David Wright as our third baseman. Through thick and thin he never once thought about jumping ship and taking the easy way out and joining a team that was already an established contender. I don’t need to provide you with stats or accolades, if you are a die hard Mets fan you know what he’s meant to this organization since his debut back in 2004.

Let’s also not forget his nickname: Captain America. He’s been the one shining light throughout the US’s performance in the WBC and may have even given them a real shot if it hadn’t been for injury in 2013. Jeter may be The Captain of NY, but of the states it’s David Wright.

I hope Wright has the benefit of winning a championship here in New York. I would hate to see him play his whole career here and not having to show for it but personal achievement. Thank you for the past ten years Mr. Wright – here’s hoping the next ten are even more successful.

BONUS: Enjoy the WBC footage below.