Today is the first time I will make the trek out to Citi Field. I haven’t seen the Mets play in Flushing since the last game at Shea. I moved away a few weeks later and now reside in Pennsylvania. I know, great move right? It’s actually a great place to live, I just hate their ball team.

So we’ve already tasted the wrath of the Phillies, now losing two out of three and pretty much getting spanked yesterday. I was angry about it for a while, but at this point it’s just accepted. I know this year will be a wash, but you always have that hope that we can do something and not just sit back and take it. The only bright side is coming back on Wednesday and almost pulling out an upset – and losing to a good team, as opposed to losing to to the Pirates.

I am finally excited about Mets baseball. When you’ve been out of touch with your home team, any game is a gift and this is a special one. I plan on walking around the park and just taking it all in. I’ll watch the game for a few innings, but I won’t be sitting there the whole time. I need to check out the park and see what it has to offer. I hear the food is great and the Mets museum is a must see. The rotunda will be my first stop and plan on getting there early so I don’t have to rush the whole thing.

Hey, we’re playing the Nationals, so I hope to catch a win for my first time at Citi Field. It would be a great way to start my trips to the new ballpark – but then again you never know.