I had high hopes before the season began. There was really no reason for the Mets to be a bad team, you just hoped they would play as good as they were on paper. After a week and a half of baseball, they are pretty much terrible.

Last year our greatest strength was pitching. Pelfrey had his long scoreless inning streak, Neise almost had a no hitter and Santana was himself when he wasn’t injured. This year Santana is looking like a bust, Pelfrey is just bad and Neise, well there is still time for him. The three guys we we’re pretty much hanging the season on are just not performing up to their abilities. And yes, I meant to include Santana in that sentence – injuries are just as bad as not performing when you get paid a ton of money. Just ask Jason Bay.

Young is definitely a gem, but I would hate to think what it would cost to keep him around once this year is over and who’s to say he will have another great year if this year is eventually a success. I know I’m being pessimistic but is there any other way to be? Cappuano had a great outing as well, but we should also wait and see how he develops.

I could sit here and complain about the offense, but I’ve done enough of that in this post. I just hope we get some more good news in the next coming weeks. Even when you know your team will not be successful, it’s hard to watch and see them fall more than rise up.