Jose Reyes has officially been placed on the 15 day disabled list, which in any other point if time would be disastrous, or even “the same ‘ol” story. But in this his contract year, and with rumors abound saying Crawford money is not out of the question, I think it was almost a blessing of sorts.

Reyes is having a ridiculous year. Everyone who’s not a Mets fan automatically writes it off as it being his contract year, but I don’t. He’s been plagued with injuries the past couple of seasons and really hasn’t been 100% – until this year.

I never doubt his play on the field and also know he’s always played as hard as he could and loves to win, so much so that other teams cry about his celebrations. But now he’s injured and we won’t know just how bad until he gets back to the starting lineup.

How will he react? Will he still be the spark we’ve come to love this season? Will we all be rooting for him to stay in NY the very first game back off the DL?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that his price has to come down. He’s already proven he is the best this year, but he also let us know how fragile he can be and how much of a loss he is to a team when he is out. No one is going to feel comfortable paying an injury plagued player $140+M for seven years – so does that mean we may have a shot now at paying him?

I hope so. Could you imagine Reyes in any other uniform? Maybe even for the Phillies? Blech!! THE PHILLIES?!

The amount of fans that stop me for wearing a Mets shirt here in PA that actually say, “I hope we sign Reyes in the off season!” is astronomical. It’s all I ever hear nowadays, more so that “The Mets Suck!” This only proves how great of a player he truly is and how any team would love to have him on their roster.

Reyes is on the DL and now I feel we have a shot at bringing him back. He has to take less money being any team would automatically ask him, “But how can we guarantee you’ll stay more often than not?” Reyes also loves NY and now that the money comes down, we may be able to afford to bring him back and he may even keep it lower just for us.

Then again, I could just be in my own little dreamland.