The home run derby is one of those things you’r either into or not. The most popular reason why you wouldn’t be is most likely the fact that it runs just about as long as a real game and all you’re watching is homers. I personally dig the event and just like watching how far these guys can actually hit it. And then the thought crosses your mind…you know, the one no one wants to talk about anymore…yeah that one.

Anyway, there was a shot of Reyes and Beltran at the derby and the first thought that crossed my mind was, “Check out those cool bp jerseys! The Mets logo on the sleeve! Definitely want that for my collection!” And then it hit me – will either of these two men ever be seen in at an All-Star game with a Mets jersey on again?

Beltran most likely will not be donning a Mets jersey after this year, and can even be as soon as July 31st. No matter how you feel about him, even if you hate him for 2006, he was a great center fielder while he was here and he gave us some great games. I remember when he had those home run streaks going in 2007 and how I thought he would be one of the main reasons why we would win the Series then. I will be taking a trip to Modell’s this weekend when I visit NY just so I can add a fresh new Beltran shirt to my collection before he’s gone and I will wear it proudly.

Reyes on the other hand…well, I hope to see him at the All-Star game next year with his bp jersey on and a Mets logo on the sleeve. I hope even more that he has one on in 2013 when the Mets host the midsummer classic.

There is no doubt in my mind that he will be an All-Star for years to come, and unless we come up with a plan to keep him around, it’s going to be a very dismal time for Mets fans. After the last couple of games, I really don’t think Tejada is ready to take on the shortstop position. And no, I don’t have the patience to break him in starting next year. We have a nice group of core players that if healthy could give us a good run and bad defense will not be acceptable.

Reyes is a monster, and if he continues to play like this (and stay healthy) there is no telling the type of achievements he can accomplish while in a Mets uniform. I want to have a reason to go to the ballpark, especially since I live a good two hours away. I want to know we have a shot at winning and making the playoffs. I need to know we have a shot and with Reyes in the lineup, we do.

I don’t put too much stock into David Wright anymore. I know he is pretty much the face of the franchise, but let’s face it, he’s not everything we want him to be at the moment and hasn’t been for a while now. I don’t see 2006 ever happening again, unless the back injury was a blessing in disguise and he comes back hitting like his old self. His defense is still better than many third basemen in the league, so I’ll give him that, but that’s it.

Jose Reyes has taken the reigns and become the leader of this team, at least for the moment. For a few seasons now whenever he plays, it is a proven fact they are more likely to win – it’s in the stats somewhere and always happens to get mentioned on broadcasts on both tv and radio. How do you let a player like this go? Especially in the NY market?

I really hope the Mets figure something out or else we’ve seen Reyes for the last time in a Mets All-Start jersey.