So, we lost to the dreaded Yankees this weekend, yet had a spectacular win on Sunday. Many a fan decided to let me know how “great” the Yankees were this weekend and how inferior the Mets were, yet they forget to look at the fine details that allowed them to win.

Wright and Davis were out of the lineup, including Reyes for half of the game on Saturday and Sunday. So, on that alone I’ll take one out of three. Even after taking care of the Ranger and Tigers, facing the lineup the Yanks put on the field, I still feel okay with the result. If we were at full strength, I’d be pretty bummed…but that wouldn’t have happened.

Coming back from behind to take care of the Dodgers last night was pretty sweet, especially since we were not hit for 5 innings. Also, Jason Bay has been coming out of his shell and seems to be getting back to his form, even if it is a bit slower than we would like.

I have faith we’ll take care of the West Coast teams and head into the break a few games above .500, less than a couple of game out of the Wild Card. Yep, it is within reach and I still have faith. Oh, and Yankees fans, go ahead and enjoy beating the Mets, you need something to cheer being the Sox own you. Let’s Go Mets!