Just as I laid my head down earlier this morning, I had to give Twitter one more look to see what my fellow Mets fans were up to. Never did I expect to see a trade right after the All-Star game, let alone it involve K-Rod.

But it doesn’t matter to me in the least. He was on his way out regardless because that is the way of the new Mets regime – and I’m all for it. Also, K-Rod was never a real Met.

I was fortunate enough to attend spring training back in 2008 and K-Rod was there. He did his work, trained but never gave any fans the time of day. My wife and I always remembered that and it always stuck with me. He never even acknowledged younger fans trying to get a hello from the guy. Is it really a chore to slap a high five or say “Hey”? At that point I knew in my heart that all he ever wanted was to get paid.

Oh and let’s not forget, he actually had a physical altercation with his father-in-law in the family lounge at Citi Field. The embarrassment alone, being a fan or part of the Mets organization, should have been enough to have him off the team and I was very surprised when he was still around. What kind of man displays that type of behavior in front of family and colleague’s family – especially on the professional sports level?

For these reasons alone I never had any desire to even purchase a K-Rod shirt, and to many of us fans that is a big deal. We only put on our backs the names we believe in, and I didn’t believe in him.

K-Rod never felt like a Met to me. He was there, he closed and he was pretty good at his job, but his blood never ran orange and blue…only green.