Yesterday’s seventh and eighth innings were spectacular. The feeling in the park was that of a playoff team, even though the attendance would say otherwise. The park wasn’t full, but it wasn’t empty either. You had fans out there watching the game, even though the Mets were down by six when the seventh started.

The fun really began when K-Rod came out to a barrage of boos that let him know how happy we were to be rid of him. I leaned over to my buddy and let him know K-Rod was never a Met and began to explain why as he was warming up.

Even though the Mets scored five in the seventh, the eighth was electric! I stood there and observed the crowd after K-Rod allowed the Mets to tie the game up. I saw a father with his arms up in the air jumping up and down in sheer enjoyment. His wife was hugging their three year old daughter and kissing her with excitement as she explained the Mets just took the lead. Older fans in their chairs wishing they could jump up, but rather settling for making their palms red as they cheered on the team they’ve been so loyal to for all these torturous years.

Even though we lost, that scene alone will stick in my mind for years to come. Even though we play second fiddle to the evil empire in the Bronx, they will never have the fan base we are able to produce in Flushing. I guarantee if the Yankees were not as good as they were, the amount of Yankees paraphernalia present in NY today, as well as the rest of the country would drop more than fifty percent. The team is cheered on by front runner fans and corporate hounds who could care less about the game.

Mets fans are the epitome of the word fanatic. We live by the Mets, die by the Mets and even in late August with no chance of making the playoffs, we stand up and cheer to make sure we go home feeling we gave them our all. The Mets may have lost yesterday, but my pride has been renewed thanks to my fellow brethren t Citi Field.