A friend of mine asked me tonight if I thought Bobby Valentine was coming back to the Mets. I gave him my opinion and started to think about the amount of times I heard his name dropped on WFAN the past few weeks. Why are we looking into the past? Why does every other Tweet I bring up on my phone have to deal with Bobby V turning down Florida? Or coming up as a third or fourth option for Seattle?

I really can’t come up with any real good reason as to why he would be coming up in managerial discussions involving the Mets. Really, I can’t.

Why do we want him back in the fold? What was so special about his tenure here in New York? I don’t think he did anything miraculous, nor do I feel hashing up old managers is a good idea. I feel like it’s time for the Mets to start as fresh as possible in 2011 and bring in some new blood – new ideas – new players and management.

I remember going to games back in the 90’s and earlier this decade with my brother and talking about players we had on the team. Mo Vaughn, Vince Coleman, Bret Saberhagen, blah blah blah…and how it would be nice if we brought in players on their way to their primes or deep in the thick of it.  Why did we bring in the has beens? Why were we only good for the leftovers?

Bobby Valentine had a good run here, but if he really was God’s gift to baseball, he wouldn’t have went off to Japan, nor would he have been let go as Mets manager. Stop right now and think of ten managers in the past ten years you feel made a difference to their respective teams. I can come up with maybe five. None are Bobby Valentine and as far as the other five, that’s how rare a REALLY good manager is – and that’s exactly what we need here in New York.

I hope Bobby Valentine comes nowhere near the Mets. I want a fresh, hard-nosed son of a bitch that will kick each and every player on this team in the ass! It’s what they need and what we as fans expect and want. C’mon, we’re New Yorkers!

Wally Backman? Now that is a thought…but is he the answer?