The past two games against the Giants were pretty hard to watch. The infield was really, really bad and now I can finally say that I miss Wright, Davis and Reyes. For some reason, double plays were just about impossible. I’ve never seen them turned that slow by the Mets in a very long time and when you stop to look at the infield, you figure out why – why all these players are up here. One word – Injuries.

Friday night was one of those “HELL YEAH” type of games! Hairston defeated the beard! I couldn’t believe the Mets were able to come back an win that game! I was F’N PUMPED!! And then the smoke cleared and they were just awful. Murphy, Tejada, Turner and Duda. Oh Duda. You know Davis scoops up that ball at first and keeps the Giants off the board in Game 2. The score was 2 – 1. All we needed was that one run if the Mets infield could have done their job. Getting a win against Lincecum would have been remarkable!

Then we have last night’s game. Ugh. Defense is a problem again, but how many guys can you leave in scoring position? They only scored four runs. Had we done our job offensively, we might have been able to take the series, but time and time again we just left too many ducks on the pond and we ended up with the loss and an okay road trip.

I know we all would have accepted this outcome before the road trip started, but after the first five games, you knew we needed more than what we accomplished. We were 3 & 1 after the Dodgers Series and were hoping for 5 & 2. 4 & 3 is just not acceptable and now we’re only one game over .500.

And the Phillies are next.