The Mets defeated the Yankees last night by a score of 2-1 in the Bronx and this fan couldn’t be happier. We were able to snap the Yankees small three game winning streak and do this with a minor league lineup…at least technically.

Francesa and Sweeney had a few negative points to make about the Mets yesterday, to no surprise, and it looks like they were wrong. Dickey was looking like he was back to old form after a couple of innings and pretty much had the Yanks buckling at their knees. It’s good to see the old knuckler come back an do its job, I just hope it sticks around longer than a game at the beginning of the season.

Turner, Turner, Turner. I can’t say enough about Big Red and how he has injected some great offense into this team. He’s responsible for almost all of the Mets runs the past four games and who knows where we would be at if not for his bat. I can’t lie – I don’t see why David Wright needs to come back. I like Murphy at first as well, but I would like to see Ike Davis there instead, his defense makes me more confident. Tejada looks better at second as well and Reyes made a spectacular play in the early part of the game to end an inning Dickey was not in total control of.

Overall it was a great first game of the series and the Mets are finally back at .500. I have more faith in today’s game with Cappy on the mound, so I hope we can steal this series away today leaving tomorrow as a bonus. LET’S GO METS!!