Back on the East Coast. The Phillies and the Yankees are already out of the playoffs, and the Mets are a memory. Reyes negotiations are in park, Jimmy Rollins has a big mouth and Ryan Braun thinks Reyes may just bring his talents to Milwaukee in 2012.

So much has happened since I left to marry my best friend and enjoy a week on the West Coast. On my trip, I was able to visit where the Angels, Padres and Dodgers call home, as well as all the other sights Southern California has to offer. I will say that Petco was the best out of the three and I will soon let you know why.

The playoffs have been pretty killer so far, minus the first round departures of my favorite teams to hate. I am definitely rooting for the Brew Crew, being any real Mets Fan knows the Cards used to be our mortal enemies. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it!

It looks like the Rangers will be making another appearance in the World Series this year. I don’t see how the Tigers take care of the Rangers at this point, Verlander was their best hope at winning two games…but they did beat the Yankees. Or did the Yankees hitting beat themselves?

Anyway, the hope for another great off season is non-existent. Any real Mets fan knows we have another year of having to deal with no big signings, major moves or advancements in the standings. I am looking forward to 2013 when I hope we start to become a contender again and all these years of sticking by your team pays off.