I’m finally sitting down and leaving a few thoughts about this Jimmy Rollins business. As well all know, he has a big mouth. Let’s review:

“I would have played the whole game,” Rollins said. “I’m like, ‘Hey, I fought this hard to be in this position and I’m going to see it through to the end.’ My personality, I’m going to ride it out. I worked this hard to be this good and put up these numbers, I would like to see it all the way to the end.”

After reading this, I automatically said to myself, “Scared much?” If I was Jimmy Rollins, and thank God I’m not, I would be pretty scared about my future on the Phillies. Contract is up and ever since 2007, the numbers have been on a decline. So instead of congratulating a peer, having diarrhea of the mouth was a better option. But I honestly can’t blame him, your time is up and a replacement may be waiting in the wings already – sounds like a bad time to be him. But let’s keep going:

“He did everything he needed to do, and when you see that coming from another player, you see them putting the team first,” Rollins said. ” ‘It’s not about me. I’ve got to push the issue for the team. I put myself in position that puts us in position.’ In previous years you just didn’t get quite that feeling from [Reyes] being in the other dugout. This year you really did. It was like, ‘This man is doing everything he can.’ “

Rollins doesn’t come close to Jose Reyes. Sorry Phillies fans, just accept it. Reyes was not productive the past couple of years, minus this year of course, due to injury. Take that out of the equation and I think Reyes gives us another great couple of years. Prior to his injury ridden seasons, he was arguably the best shortstop in the game. I’ll give Rollins 2007, but it’s been four seasons since then so those days are over.

Ultimately Jose Reyes may not end up in Philadelphia, chances are pretty slim, but it’s definitely entertaining to watch Rollins squirm. He’s thinking about it everyday, even more now that his season is over. Good luck Jimmy.