I left my little corner of the world yesterday to purchase a new 32″ TV for the office to celebrate another baseball season. Joy was the feeling that ran through my body until I was able to put the game on.

Listening on the way back from my awesome endeavor, Pelfrey was in a pickle. Hagan was filling the air with his play by play when Big Pelf delivered the first blow of the year. The moment I heard the words “deep to right”, I knew the game was over. And it was only the fourth.

Joy was long gone and disgust settled in. My cap weighed heavy on my head and I almost felt like leaving it on the road I was traveling on back home. Welcome to the 2011 New York Mets.

It’s only one game, but this year is different. Ticket sales are down, fan morale is low and no one gives us a chance at all. Josh Johnson is awesome, but he didn’t pitch the whole game. Offense was not as good as it could be and after watching the Yankees lineup on Thursday, I know now we’re in trouble.

One game, but all it takes is one to set the mood for the season. I know I’m overreacting, but when you’ve been a Mets as long as I, it’s common. Have they shown us anything different lately?