I am currently reading R.A.’s book, “Wherever I Wind Up”, and can’t help but root for him as the human being instead of the ball player. Of course it’s great to see a Mets pitcher totally baffle the other team with one single pitch, but if you were reading his book – or have read it already – you can’t help but hope he pretty much does the impossible and wins a CY Young Award.

Pitching two consecutive one-hitters with each game having at least ten strikeouts has never been done in the modern baseball era – until last night. R.A. Dickey wore the orange and blue proudly while surpassing that feat and Mets fans now have to things to boast about. We owe it all to Johan Santana and R.A. Dickey to help ease the pain of certain mishaps and series play as of late.

The 50th anniversary of our beloved team has been one of many highs and lows. You definitely can’t say it’s been boring or uninspired. R.A. is definitely the highest of the highs and may only be overshadowed by the no-hitter – but that’s no so bad either.

I’m pulling for R.A. not to win a Cy Young, an All-Start spot, or even an World Series ring – but rather for a chance to finally be recognized for his hard work and dedication to the sport we all know and love. The book explains a lot and you can’t help but hope this year is only the beginning.

Damn I hope he keeps it going. No one else deserves it more!