Other than being a huge fan of the Mets, I love baseball cards. I dig all kinds of players and types of cards, but the only ones I care to collect seriously are Mets cards. When I was a kid I remember having small books with only Mets cards in them, always looking through them and rearranging them constantly. But as I got older, the price went up and there were other things more important that took precedent.

Well, now that I’m older, the itch is back and I’m all about collecting. I’ve scrounged together all kinds of lists and card databases from the internet and I’m going to begin creating checklists for every Mets card ever produced. I know this will take me forever, but I plan on creating base sets first and hopefully any other Mets fans out there looking for these can find joy and happiness in simply downloading the list and making sure their sets are complete.

If you happen to be one of those fans, please check out the new Topps section I’ve added to the site – Topps Checklists.

I will be adding more years and companies in the upcoming weeks.