Asdrubal Cabrera is penciled as the second baseman in tonight’s game against the San Francisco Giants, and he’s not happy about it.

Cabrera told reporters in San Francisco that he has requested his agent’s help in acquiring a trade to a playoff contender.

“I’m not happy,” Cabrera said. “I told them I am not happy.”

Cabrera was told he would only play shortstop when he signed here in December of 2015, and with tonight’s lineup announcement, the Mets have chosen to rescind that promise and do what is best for the team – not just one player.

Cabrera is also a free agent after the 2017 season, and I’m sure that has something to do with his trade request as well. Earlier this season, Cabrera asked for the Mets to guarantee his 2018 option, but the team declined.

To say this hasn’t been weighing on the mind of Cabrera is only admitting ignorance, but Asdrubal never gave me the impression he wasn’t a team player. That may be a bit harsh to fans who support the ex-shortstop, but do we really need to bring up baseball is a business and all that chatter?

The Mets need to start listening to trade offers from teams around Major League Baseball being the writing is on the wall for 2017. Talks of Cabrera being on the trade block is not the most surprising of news, I just never thought it would be at the request of the player himself.

With Cabrera currently batting .244 with 6 home runs and 20 rbis, I don’t expect the Mets to gain much, so why not take care of the virus before it spreads.

I hear the Mets have a stud in AAA, why not give him a shot?