Now this is what I’m talkin’ about!! Santana definitely made a statement by not giving the expected answer, but by letting everyone know he feels great and is ready to put up some K’s!!

Listening to that one line made my doubt about the Mets become hope. Hope that we make a big splash in 2010 and actually make the playoffs. I want to have that 2007 feeling again. No not 2006, 2007! You know, after that great season Spring Training came around and you had no doubt the Mets would take care of business. I want to feel like that again!

I started wearing my Mets gear with pride out here in PA – 45 minutes away from Philly to be exact – and I’ve been getting a few comments:

“Well, Bay was a good pickup.” or “It’s nice to know we’ll have competition again.”

Those comments definitely support the fact that the Mets are creating a stir in the NL East. Phillies fans are not busting chops, they’re not saying they’re winning the division – they’re scared!

Yep, I’m saying it, they’re scared! Let’s find out why, shall we?

Reyes – back in action, taking grounders no problem, running quick and waiting to steal bases on anyone!
Wright – stronger and looking to bounce back from  a tough couple of years and I have a real good feeling his swing from 2006 is making a comeback.
Beltran – Yep, I know he’s going to start off slow, but he’s Beltran, You know he’s gonna be good for a bunch of homers and no one can defend center like him – I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Santana – I don’t even have to explain this one.
Francoeur – He was nice last year and I can only expect more of the same. A great team makes the veterans play better!
Bay – What, you forgot what he did last year with the Sox? I didn’t!

Ollie, Maine & Big Pelf – Alright, so you got me there…or not. What if Ollie bounces back and give us another 15 win season? What if Maine gains his stuff back and adds to Ollie’s total to make 30? And, maybe – just maybe – Big Pelf matured enough in the off season to give us 45 wins total from the middle of the rotation?

This is all possible and I feel confident in our team this year. All because of Santana and his confidence,which is the kick in the ass this team needed! Enough said!