“You never could get a read on how we would have done if we were all there through six months. I think the main thing is just getting healthy, because we were in first place for the first couple of months when we had healthy guys, and then it just started piling up. Getting healthy and getting back to the way we were playing the last few years, I think we’ll be all right.” – John Maine, Week Ending 01/16/2010

I love John Maine. Yeah, the last two years were a memory you’d like to forget, but I always just had a good vibe from him. Had a chance to meet him a couple years back and remembered how calm and cool he was. I thanked him for winning the night prior, Mets were on a losing streak and needed a win desperately back in ’07.

I also met him briefly at Spring Training last year and he was one of the ‘cooler’ players that stuck around and signed autographs for us die hards that made the trek to Port St. Lucie. That goes a long way in my book, no matter how good or bad the player.

It brings me back to those stories I read about the Brooklyn Dodgers and how they rode the subway to Ebbets with fans and they even lived in Brooklyn. The connection was made with the fans, a connection you rarely see today in baeball. Maine made that connection with me and I’ll always support the guy.

Good luck Johnny!!