14 and 11. It’s only April, but I’ll take it. The past couple of years have been hard on the Mets Fan, but we can begin to see a bit of promise. Again, I know it’s only April but Ya Gotta Believe – right?

The Mets have an ERA of 3.67 and are finally creeping up the hitting charts with a batting average of .218, but there is definitely more work to do being they’re only better than the Houston Astros.

Chemistry is the key here. The guys seem to be rallying behind each other and based on the Puma incident, they don’t plan on taking anyone’s crap either. If this season pans out to be the best one in years, the foundation will be traced back to Puma’s fat mouth and terrible sportswriting – which would suck from a fan’s perspective, but we’ll take it.

Dillon Gee was stellar yesterday. He’s known for his mishaps in the 6th and 7th innings, but a strong outing like yesterday is key to building your confidence and we’re going to need him as well as everyone else in this rotation if we have any hopes of making the postseason. David Wright’s bat is starting to give us more than singles – not that I’m complaining – and you know Curtis Granderson will come around. I guarantee it!

I’m thrilled to see life, to see wins, and to be above .500. I’m riding the wave so far and just sitting back and enjoying baseball. For so long I’ve been worried about later in the season, injuries, trades, etc. – this season I vowed to let it play out for a couple of months and get serious then. I find myself calmer and remembering why I loved the game in the first place.

Do the same Mets fans. Enjoy the ride, root for the new guys, support the veterans and go to games! Enjoy baseball!