Ike Davis could have been great. Ike Davis could have been an offensive machine. Ike Davis could have, would have, should have. Whatever Ike Davis does become, we know now will not be in a Mets uniform.

I remember the early days when he dazzled us with his over the railing catches and home runs to win games. I even stopped in the middle of visiting my in-laws one night to run over and post about Ike getting an RBI at his first at bat for the Mets – it was just so damn awesome to see what he could be. Then there was that night back in May of 2011 where what seemed to be an innocent bump between him and David Wright would change things forever – at least in Queens that is.

Ever since that weird injury, Ike was only able to show glimmers of what he could be. He starts cold, then gets hot. He looks lazy at the plate, then he hits grand slam walk-offs. It’s a never ending battle of what version of Ike Mets fans would see at the plate on any given day. I know for a fact Ike Davis will excel in Pittsburgh. It’s the common Mets curse that when you play here, you are okay, maybe even a bit good, but you leave and tear the cover off the ball somewhere else.

I have always said the main reason for that is being in New York itself. Like ol’ blue eyes said, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” – and that’s a fact. Why do you think Derek Jeter is held in such high regard? Not only is he a stellar shortstop, great offensive player, and a class act – he did it all in New York.

Ike Davis is going to Pittsburgh where he will get a fresh start and not have to deal with the media behemoth of New York. He may start hot, he may start cold, but imagine if the Pirates had the hot Ike Davis with them last year? They may have gone farther into the playoffs and maybe who knows.

I’ll be rooting for Ike and the Bucs, until they face my boys here in Queens of course , but until then I only wish him the best.