So did any of you crazy Mets fans check out Pelfrey’s start in Colorado? How about the save in St. Louis? What about the game last night overpowering the Cubs? The man is gettin’ nasty and we need to get him in the front of the rotation sooner than later if this keeps up.

I was ye of little faith when the season started, and when Pelf was the number 4 starter, I had even less hope. Then again, Jerry Manuel made that decision and I guess I should know better – even though Big Pelf asking for the the ball in the 20th was pretty “Gangsta”! Jerry’s musings are probably the only thing I like about him and his street cred is fading quicker than he thinks.

The Mike Pelfrey that’s been showing up these past three appearances is the one the Mets have been expecting to show up since he came up to the bigs. It’s good to see that war mentality in his face – it makes him look like he should be feared and he has the stuff to back it up. I love the way his stuff has been breaking at the plate and the fact that he is not imploding when things don’t go his way. It’s a lot more than I can say for a few other pitchers we currently have in the starting rotation.

What is to come of the other pitchers? Santana is Santana so let’s not even mention him. Niese is still doing his best, and it’s not bad at all. Ollie has shown some signs of being stable, but he’s been in the weeds for too long to give me any hope. Maine – oh, Johnny Maine – how I used to think you were one of the better pitchers on the team. (You have not been the same since you had your surgery and I fear the good old years are over.)

There comes a time in your career when you gotta really figure out what in the hell is goin’ on! And that time has officially come for Maine. Unless he has some crazy revelation or he decides to visit the baseball crossroads and give his soul to the devil for an arm like Koufax, he’s pretty much looking at the number 5 spot at best – bullpen would be my suggestion, but who am I? I’m not Gangsta!