Yep, I’m happy and I could care less what kind of smart remarks any Yankees fan has at this very moment. The Yankees have lost to the Texas Rangers in the 2010 ALCS and I have a team to root for in the World Series.

All year, all month, all week all I hear is about how great the Yankees are. They’re going to win no problem. Francesca can shove it, as well as all Yankees fans out there blaming Girardi, crying about Cliff Lee’s cap, just looking for any reason other than “WE SUCK!” as a reason for why they’re not manhandling teams in the playoffs.

Congratulations needs to go out to the Texas Rangers who handled the Yankees like they were supposed to. Small ball, great pitching, more great pitching and one thing that the Yankees have lost – heart!

Not that we all don’t know the story, but Josh Hamilton definitely deserved the MVP award he received tonight. I also want to give a major class award to the Rangers for using ginger ale in honor of Hamilton’s road to recovery and that just show’s how much the guys love each other. It doesn’t get any better than that for a baseball team.

Well, I’ve said my piece and I am a very, very happy. Good night Yankees and LET’S GO GIANTS!!