I really don’t understand Yankees fans. We’ve won six straight from the Yankees – SIX STRAIGHT – and they use the whole, “You’d think they won the World Series” rebuttal to any Mets fan being happy on their social network of choice this morning.

Are you kidding me? You’re honestly going to tell me that if you won six straight from the Mets you wouldn’t say a word? Really? The same classy fan base that spit on Cliff Lee’s wife?

The Subway Series is not the World Series and we Mets fans know this. We know our team is less than desirable at times, but we stick around and support our Mets – even at the worst of times. Did anyone happen to see how many Yankees fans stuck around last night?

When the Mets win, we love it! It doesn’t matter which team they’re playing. I personally watch the game on TV, listen on the radio or check Twitter. Why Twitter? Because we’re so damn passionate about the team we all gather on there and discuss specific plays of the game, along with ranting and raving about the teams ups and downs.

Why? Because we love the Mets and there is no other fan base better than us. We are true to the team and let everyone know it loud and clear. I’m rockin’ the blue and orange daily here in Phillies territory without a care in the world – because I’m a Mets fana true fan.

Everyone else can go cry in the corner.