Yesterday was simply stellar. Harvey and Wheeler gave us a great look at what we can expect for the future as Mets fans, at least when it comes to the rotation.

I have the benefit of sitting on my bum all day being a web developer, so yesterday was perfect. Harvey’s outing was simply stellar. Watching him pitch is always a treat being a Mets fan – it’s pretty much the only reason to watch at all this year!

Then to top off the win, because of the rarity, Wheeler gives us a superb debut and even more hope for the future. 0 runs, 7 strikeouts, and only four hits. Years of hearing about having great prospects in the wings and watching them fail look like they are finally over!

Not to be overlooked was our captain David Wright with his 1,500th career hit. I’m hoping he gets a good chance at reaching a milestone of 3,000 hits, but only time will tell.

We don’t have much to cheer about these days, but if the pitching stays in tact and we can pick up some good bats – hell, just good everyday players – we may have a shot withint a eyar or two of making some waves in the NL East – along with MLB.