It’s that time again! Mets playing the Yanks and this time we care a little bit more. Taking two out of three from both the Rangers and Tigers most definitely makes you confident going into this weekend. We don’t face Sabathia and that gives us a shot at sweeping the whole thing!

Can the Mets keep the offense firing on all cylinders? Can the pitching keep us in the game? I want to feel like they can. I’m hoping the Mets don’t read too much into yesterday’s performance and just write it up to being Verlander. I mean c’mon, he is ridiculous right now and he can’t be beat.

I really want to win the series this weekend, but wouldn’t it be just AMAZIN’ if we can get the sweep? Win something this year? We may have a shot at the wild card, you never know, but if we can sweep the series from the Yanks, that would be phenomenal! LET’S GO METS!!