Let’s take a look at the current 25 man roster the Mets are trotting out there and decide if they should be back next season or not. We will have two options: “25 man” or “organizational depth.” Obviously this is based on first-half performance. We will come back to this list after the last regular-season game of the 2013 season and reevaluate our decisions.


C: John Buck; .271/.382/.653 – I would say Organizational Depth – but Buck is not signing a minor league deal with the Mets.

Josh Satin

Josh Satin

He’s a starter for someone, somewhere. After his off the charts start, John Buck has crashed farther than I ever imagined was possible. Currently, he is about as automatic an out as the pitcher. I understand that he is here for his defense and veteran presence for the young starting staff, but the Mets don’t have a lineup that can afford Buck’s post-April bat. If he’s open to coming back as d’Arnaud’s backup, that’s totally fine. The rest would keep his bat a bit more fresh and hopefully effective.

Anthony Recker; .241/.333/.575 – Organizational Depth – With John Buck catching a ghastly percentage of the games, Reckeronly has 51 at-bats this season, hardly enough to truly judge his bat. If he was a starter he would be doing just that for another team by now, but he has proved serviceable as a backup option.

1B: Josh Satin; .395/.511/.553 – 25 man – I understand that Josh is not a power hitter, but as of right now, he has been the most productive 1st baseman the Mets have had all season. I’m okay with doubles to drive in runs. He can play all around the field. Good for a UTIL spot once they find a permanent 1st baseman.

Zach Lutz; .500/.250/.750  – Organizational Depth – Good hitter…in the minors. Not enough major league at-bat’s and consistent playing time to honestly judge.

2B: Daniel Murphy; .311/.396/.706  – 25 man – I believe Murphy should be traded in a package including Parnell and/or a prospect(s) for an OF or a starting SS.

SS: Omar Quintanilla; .314/.387/.700 – 25 man – However, I would not want him starting. Simply a backup to Ruben Tejada if he earns the starting role once again, or as a backup to the new starting SS if Ruben is traded away in the deal.

3B:David Wright; 25 man – Always and forever.



Juan Lagares

LF/RF: Andrew Brown; .273/.516/.789 – 25 man – He’s only played in 15 games but like with Satin, he has proved himself serviceable in his small sample size. For now he is my choice for 5th outfielder/power PH. Maybe it helps that he is fresh off a walk-off rope to left field.

RF: Marlon Byrd; .313/.489/.802 – 25 man – Marlon is an interesting case. He has certainly earned a starting spot if you look a his numbers but he will be 36 years old next season and frankly, prior to this year, he had fallen off since his last good season in 2010. Buyer certainly beware. I’d rather Marlon only come back as a 4th outfielder due to the acquisition of a stud outfielder.

LF/CF/RF: Juan Lagares; .240/.336/.576 – 25 man – In my book Juan has earned the centerfield starting job based on his defense alone. He is a vacuum out there and it is a beautiful thing to watch him go back on balls. He was hitting .346 in AAA Las Vegas with a .378 OBP before getting called up. All he needs to do is work his tail off in the offseason to be more selective at the plate and he will be the answer at centerfield the Mets have been waiting for. Lagares has shown the ability to spray the ball when he makes the right pitch selection.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis; .208/.213/.420 – Organizational Depth – I love spelling out his name but I do not love watching him at the plate. Kirk has struggled tremendously since his demotion in April, and struggled since his promotion in June. He swings at everything, strikes out nearly every time, and hasn’t shown he can adjust to major league pitching.

UTIL (OF/2b): Eric Young Jr.; .312/.369/.681 – 25 man – EYJR has been a godsend– about as much of a godsend as you can be for a team 11 games under .500 on July 2nd. After struggling for Colorado and getting designated for assignment, Young has provided the Mets with a spark plug at the top of the order. He brings amazing speed to a team that has very little of it. His bat has been hot as well, getting on base and igniting the offense; though that is sure to cool off. He loves being a Met and the fans already a nice spot in their hearts for the likable EYJR.

Jordany Valdespin; .261/.331/.592 – Organizational Depth – Earlier this year I was all about giving Jordany a fair shot, and letting him be himself. I have moved on from that, somewhat. Valdespin is not a better option than any of the starters or backups on this team at any position, except for maybe 2nd base as a backup to Murphy. Even then, his bat has cooled off and his defense needs work. Meh.


Starting Rotation:

SP: Matt Harvey; 7-1, 2.00 era, 132 so, 117 ip, 0.85 whip – 25 man – My early vote for the NL Cy Young. Enough said.

Zack Wheeler & Matt Harvey

Zack Wheeler & Matt Harvey

SP: Dillon Gee; 6-7, 4.60 era, 77 so, 90 ip, 1.46 whip – 25 man – Dillon has had a hard time staying consistent since his surgery last season, consistently good or consistently bad. He had an ERA in the 5’s in April and May with some good starts sprinkled in, and a 2.73 ERA in June. Hopefully he turns things around and goes back to being a solid 4th/5th starter for the Mets.

SP: Jeremy Hefner; 2-6, 3.72 era, 65 so, 87 ip, 1.28 whip – 25 man – Hefner is having a (in the words of Kevin Millar) “sneaky good season.” He’s no Matt Harvey, but I’ll take that ERA all day. His June ERA? 1.80. He can certainly stick around.

SP: Zack Wheeler; Wheeler has 16 innings of major league ball under his belt, I’m not even going to bother listing his stats. He’s having control issues and he’s tipping his pitches. Welcome to the big leagues. You have the rest of the season to figure the kinks out. He will be good to go in 2014. Crazy good “stuff.”

SP: Shawn Marcum; 1-9, 5.03 era, 57 so, 73.1 ip, 1.28 whip – Like with Buck, I’d say Organizational Depth, but someone is going to offer him a chance at a starting role. I hope that someone isn’t the Mets, although I’d be interested in him in a relieving role. June was his best month, pitching to a 4.10 era.

** Jon Niese is on the DL, therefore not on the 25 man roster, but he has a “25 man” stamp from me.



R: David Aardsma; 2.25 era, 10 so, 12 ip, 2 bb, 0.83 whip – 25 man – He’s done a great job. I would like him back.

L: Josh Edgin; 5.94 era, 14 so, 16.2 ip, 7 bb, 1.56 whip – Organizational Depth – Edgin hasn’t proven himself deserving of a bullpen role in the majors just yet.

R: LaTroy Hawkins; 3.15 era, 30 so, 34.1 ip, 7 bb, 1.40 whip – I don’t even know.

Bobby Parnell

Bobby Parnell

R: Brandon Lyon; Needs to go somewhere far away from Flushing.

R: Bobby Parnell; 2.68 era, 14/17 sv, 31 so, 37 ip, 8 bb, 0.92 whip – 25 man – While Frank Francisco basks in the sun, Bobby Parnell is toughing it out in Queens. Parnell has finally transformed himself into the closer we all knew he could be. Aside from a few unfortunate hiccups, he has been great. Some people believe he’s worthy of All-Star consideration. Personally, I believe the Mets should strike while he’s hot and package him in the same deal I have Murphy and a prospect(s) getting ready to move for a legit outfield bat.

L: Scott Rice; 4.45 era, 27 so, 32.1 ip, 22 bb, 1.55 whip – 25 man – I would love to have him back…if his arm is still intact by next season. Definitely on a reduced role, however.

R: Carlos Torres; 0.84 era, 10 so, 10.2 ip, 2 bb, 0.75 whip – 25 man – The Mets were practically forced to bring him up or risk losing him for nothing. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see Torres throw the ball so well. For now he’s good to go for next year.



This leaves us with 17 guys that in my opinion, have earned a spot on the 25 man roster next season. Within that list there are guys like Murphy and Parnell, that have the trade value to help the Mets create a package for the good hitting outfielder they sorely need. There are also guys like Satin and Eric Young Jr., that have played well now that they’ve been given the chance to play every day, but can fall off the planet in the blink of an eye. As I mentioned earlier, when the season is over we will go through this list again and make additions and subtractions. So far however, the Mets look like a team with just a few stars and many backup/complementary types. They need to add more impact bats and arms in the offseason– both through free agency and the trade market.