David Wright and the Mets have finally agreed to an extension that will keep the All-Star third baseman around for an extra seven years. This has to make the Mets fan base very happy going into the weekend – you can even call it an early holiday gift.

Now, kill me for thinking so, but is it worth it? I’ve provided the graphic below to show you Wright’s stats since 2004. After 2008 you can see a decline in his numbers. Average, runs, home runs, etc. are all down since then. He did have a stellar 2012 compared to his previous seasons – but was it worth $122 million dollars? (Click on the graphic to enlarge.)

Wright Mets Stats

Now, let’s take a closer look at certain numbers since 2008:

2008 160 626 115 189 42 2 33 124 94 118 15 5 .302
2009 144 535 88 164 39 3 10 72 74 140 27 9 .307
2010 157 587 87 166 36 3 29 103 69 161 19 11 .283
2011 102 389 60 90 23 1 14 61 52 97 13 2 .254
2012 156 581 91 178 41 2 21 93 81 112 15 10 .306

Based on what you see above – not knowing this was David Wright – would you sign this player to a seven year extension worth $122 million dollars? Look at RBIs, Average, HRs – I don’t think you would. You obviously see a decline in the numbers except last year, but knowing what we know about contracts in MLB, it was a semi-walk year and numbers always start to inflate when that comes around.

But now, let’s add the David Wright’s name back to the mix.

He is the face of the franchise. No matter how much we all just fell in love with R.A. Dickey – even though he’s a very close second – David Wright is the man. He grew up a Mets fan, came up in the Mets farm system and as we all know is their starting third baseman. If he does remain a Met for the rest of his career, he will definitely be an ambassador type of asset to the Mets and I’m sure will represent them, as well as all Mets fans, with respect and honor.

So, how do you put a price on David Wright?

If you want to base it on numbers, he’s not worth the money. If you base it on the fan base, face of the franchise, loyalty, himself being a fan of the team and the potential of being the player he was early last year – then he is priceless.

I hope he becomes who we all want him to be. Let’s Go Mets!