Before I even begin to post my predictions, let me say a few things. Just as in my first post, in baseball it’s hard to make predictions for guys and their teams, especially when they’re a team like the New York Mets are this season; a team with plenty of rookies and young guys whom at this point in their careers can’t be counted on for a certain range of numbers. We don’t really have many consistent and seasoned players like other teams do where you know what to expect (more or less) year in and year out.

So with that being said, I am a huge Mets fan, and as much as I’d consider myself a realist I will always lean in the direction of positivity instead of negativity. I expect big years from most players as long as they stay healthy and get consistent at-bats and starts.

I wrote these predictions in Sociology class a few days before the season began, I won’t change them, I’ll only add in Nieuwenhuis (got that down on one shot!) due to the Andres Torres injury.

I also won’t get fancy with the stats, I like to keep it very simple.

Susana’s NY Mets 2012 Predictions

 C: Josh Thole – .285 – 3 HR – 67 RBI

1B: Ike Davis – .288 – 34 HR – 118 RBI

2B: Daniel Murphy – .324 – 8 HR – 90 RBI

3B: David Wright – .308 – 31 HR – 127 RBI

SS: Ruben Tejada – .284 – 4 HR – 67 RBI

OF: Jason Bay – .260 – 16 HR – 85 RBI <— I don’t know what Kool-Aid I was drinking when I wrote that one. I no longer feel this way.

OF: Lucas Duda – .290 – 27 HR – 100 RBI

*OF: Andres Torres – .277 – 12 HR – 67 RBI <— Never mind, as well.

        *Kirk Nieuwenhuis – .278 – 10 HR – 57 RBI

Util: Justin Turner – .280 – 4 HR – 40 RBI

Util: Ronnie Cedeño – .243 – 1 HR – 28 RBI

Bench: Scott Hairston – .260 – 10 HR – 40 RBI

Bench: Mike Nickeas – .240 – 1 HR – 10 RBI

Bench: Mike Baxter – .275 – 3 HR – 15 RBI


Johan Santana – Misses 2 starts – 3.44 ERA

R.A Dickey – 3.15 ERA

Jon Niese – 3.33 ERA

Mike Pelfrey – 4.23 ERA (Later replaced by Chris Young or Matt Harvey – They are also injury backups)

Dillon Gee – 3.35 ERA

As for the bullpen, I believe Josh Edgin will be up at some point if and when one of the relievers get injured or if one of them stinks up the joint real bad.

I’m sure people wil think these predictions are too positive, or that I’m ridiculous for believing these guys can pull these numbers off, but I’d like to believe they can. Besides, who would do their predictions for their own team and label them all busts when they have potential? Mike Nickeas is probably not going to hit anything better than .240-ish, it’s just not his potential, but Duda and Ike may very well near 30+ homers and Tejada can hit for a high average – therefore I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt with my predictions.

Let’s hope they can come near these numbers, because if they do, we’re in for a heck of a season!

Let’s Go Mets!