After a terrible start to the 2010 season, the Mets won their last nine of ten games to take over the top spot in the NL East. Their pitching has been better than expected and the hitting is coming alive!

Ike Davis I feel is the spark the Mets needed to get themselves out of the funk and into a hot streak. In his first full week here he had his first major league hit, RBI, home run, spectacular catch and has made the “BIG HIT” the Mets have desperately needed in those must have moments. The rookie is unstoppable at this point and you can only hope this is not a fluke like Mike Jacobs and Dan Murphy. But I don’t hope, I know Ike is here to stay and he’s here to play!

Jason Bay looks like he’s finally out of his slump with his first shot as a Met and followed a Reyes triple with his own against the Cubs. Jose Reyes looks like the man we’ve all come to love and believe in. Playing hard ball ,stealing bases, making great catches and getting his uniform dirty! That is the shortstop we’ve been missing and it looks like he is back! David Wright also seems to have finally risen from the ashes yesterday by providing the mets with much needed offense and runs. I think that bases clearing triple he hit yesterday is going to finally get that monkey off his back and force the fans to refrain from their boos as of late.

The pitching has been better than expected, especially Mike Pelfrey. I knew he would be a good spot in the rotation, and what he has been able to produce the past three starts is amazing! His ERA is down to 0.69 and he has not allowed a run in 24 innings. I still gotta bring up the fact that his attitude and grit during the 20 game marathon against the Cardinals will always be a bright spot of the season and maybe even the beginning of the no nonsense bad ass pitcher Mike Pelfrey currently is.

Santana has lost a little bit of velocity in his past few starts, but it seems like he is becoming one of those pitchers that knows how to pitch to win. Location, speed changes, making the batter guess, all the things pitchers need to become when their careers go into the later stages of life. I still have faith that Santana is just warming up, but it’s great to see he will be an ace for years to come.

The bullpen has done it’s job during the hot streak and has the second lowest combined ERA in baseball being a bit over 2.00. K-Rod is doing his job, Feliciano has surprised me a bit and Takahashi is becoming Takanasty! His last two appearances have been long man reliefs and he has been nothing short of amazing. The strikeouts are ridiculous and he even got his first major league hit! Mejia is getting used to the bigs and Nieve looks not too far behind.

All in all the New York Mets are becoming what I knew they could if they all just produced what they were expected to. Seeing the Mets do just that in the past ten games has given me renewed hope in the outcome of the season. I know it’s still early, but no one says that about anyone else currently making a run in MLB. So let’s give them some credit! They’re in FIRST PLACE and I can’t wait to see what they do with the Phillies this weekend. That will be the true test! LET’S GO METS!!