What a superb way to officially end the season for R.A. Dickey! I always liked Dickey and his perseverance – especially after reading his book – and I couldn’t be happier for the knuckler!

Being Mets fans, we all know we need something to cheer about these days and having Dickey win the Cy Young award is superb. Along with Santana’s no-hitter and Wright taking over the franchise top spot for hits, this has been a great year for bright spots. And I’ll take it!

The only damper on this fine evening is the ongoing talks of R.A. being traded before 2013 even gets started – and that’s a real discomfort. I was engaged by a Mets fan the other day who asked me whether or not I thought Dickey would be around next year and I couldn’t give him a definite answer. I know Wright will be here when the season starts and I can just about guarantee he will be going nowhere. But Dickey, well, he’s is a hot commodity right now and the return on a trade could be huge for the Mets. Of course I could understand the move, but deep down I want to see Dickey throw the knuckler every five days and try for another 20 win season.

Is it wrong just accepting the Mets for what they are and just being excited over one pitcher? I did it all of 2012 and never felt bad about it. Every time I was able to score tickets the first thing I checked was whether or not Dickey was pitching. It almost wasn’t worth it to drive to NY for anyone else…almost.

I want to see Dickey here. I can’t imagine him in another uniform. I know people said that about Reyes, but it was easy for me to let him go. Hell, it would be easier for me to see Wright go – Dickey would be a heartbreaker, especially now. Mets fans had only Dickey to look forward to after the All-Star break and imagine him not being around next year? What do we have left?

I guess you could say, “Depends on who we would get for him.” but even then I do’t expect it to be some insane deal. I could see a bunch of prospects coming over with hopes they pan out, and maybe a name or two – but honestly I just don’t care. Dickey is bigger than major leaguers and prospects. He quickly has become a very close second to David Wright as the face of this franchise – even bigger the Johan. And if you think I’m crazy for saying so, you’re lying to yourself. You know Dickey is The Man and would be devastating if he was on another team next year – especially after winning the Cy Young tonight.

Congratulations R.A. on winning your first Cy Young award and giving us Mets fans something to be proud of tonight. I hope to see you on Opening Day.