After what seemed to be a very uplifting beginning to the weekend with a win on Friday night, the Mets quickly gave up the reigns to the Bronx Bombers by losing heartbreakers on both Saturday and Sunday. One run separated the two teams over the weekend and it seemed to be bad pitching choices that did us in each time.

I admire Terry Collins. He’s become a player’s manager, believes in his guys and wants to win. Everything you could ever ask for in a manager. Unfortunately I think he made two really terrible decisions over the weekend – well three – but I can definitely call him out on two.

Chris Young just came back from the DL and had a high pitch count going into the 7th. Now, of course knowing what we know now, you wish he was taken out fo the game. It was only his second start and was doing fine – not great – but fine and was pretty much holding his own. I am a pitch count freak and when someone comes back from the DL, evan after hitting up the minors, I feel you should be gradually brought back to where you once were. With the Mets bullpen being their achilles heel, I cant blame Collins entirely for leaving Young in the game. It is what it is.

Now bringing in Jon Rauch in that situation I can blame him for. I have no faith in him at all. He’s responsible for 7 losses and beint he NL East is so close, any one of those losses could come back and hinder the Mets chances at some “serious October baseball”. What’s even more annoying is his awesome Twitter comment after the game:[blackbirdpie url=”″]
Now I don’t know about you, but when I screw up at work my boss doesn’t come over to me and say, “Hey, your luck will changes sometime.” or “Don’t worry about it, you’ll get ’em next time!” She kicks my ass and let’s me know I better get my crap together and never let this happen again! I know these guys are athletes but damn! I get paid like a normal human and can’t screw up, but if I throw a baseball I can accumulate seven losses and blame it on luck. Are you kidding me Rauch?

Now let’s visit yesterday. Miguel Batista was brought in to relieve the recently back down to Earth R.A. Dickey and actually surprised everyone with his 1-2-3 inning. I even read a tweet from Metsradamus thanked the Mayans for Batista’s inning as well as Bay’s home run in Tampa! Unfortunately Cano lifted one out to deep center the following inning and the Yankees took the lead for good.

Why was Byrdak not used in that situation? Am I missing something? If so please explain it to me because even though Cano was having a rough game defensively doesn’t mean he still can’t hit the long ball. He put an exclamation point on the season series and reestablished our fears with Batista on the mound. Why not bring Byrdak in Collins? Are we saving him for a less stressful situation? Is Batista the better choice there? Eh, who knows – but what I do know is Collins should have made the change.

Regardless, everything is always hindsight. You can always criticize after the fact and it doesn’t change anything. The Mets got close, but not close enough. I hate nothing more than losing to the Yankees – especially with their idiotic fan base to help rub it in – but I guess if you think of it in Ike Davis terms, it’s worse losing to teams in our division.

Who am I kidding, it still sucks.