There are a few things going on in Metsland that I’d like to briefly touch base on and give my own opinion on; topics such as R.A Dickey, the minors, this Mets team and whatever else comes to mind as I write this.

Hip, Hip, R.A! 

Has R.A Dickey been awesome or what?! I know by this point there are tons of articles and posts about the man, the myth, the legend – but now it’s my turn to give him props. Dickey is the best pitcher on this Mets staff right now. I know Johan Santana has exceeded expectations coming back from surgery and I know he is now a tremendous part of Mets lore for throwing the first no-hitter (finally!), but Dickey has been out of this world. I would hate to even imply that Santana isn’t the ace of the staff, and I wont, I’ll just say R.A is Ace A and Johan is Ace B. 42IP+ scoreless streak! Back to back 1-hitters! Amazin’!

Now, whose to say Dickey won’t regress or God-forbid have an injury and his cinderella story ends? But if R.A keeps this pace up, he has to be the NL Cy Young award winner and if the team makes the post-season, maybe even MVP as well. We’re not even halfway through the season so I know this is highly unlikely and anything can happen, but it’s a nice hypothetical to keep in mind.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy watching the 1-hit shutout master do his work.

For your viewing pleasure, just look at his stats:

I Like Cecchini

Mets first-round pick Gavin Checcini (ss) spoke with Metsblog recently on getting drafted, his family, and being a part of the Mets organization. In reading the interview, Cecchini mentioned loving the fact that the Mets developed their players in the minors and worked them up to the big leagues instead of trading away young talent for proven veteran talent like the guys in the Bronx. He grew up idolizing Derek Jeter – like every shortstop in the world – but the young man knows who he plays for and the right things to say. Check it out:

Meredith Perri: What was your initial reaction when the Mets drafted you?

Gavin Cecchini: I knew that they were one of the teams that were really, really high on me. I was hoping if I got to them they would draft me because they are agreat organization in New York where everyone wants to play – the biggest stage – and they develop their guys through the organization. I went over there to take BP the other day in New York with the big league guys and I think it was the GM, Mr. Sandy, he said that at one point they had nine starters on the field in the big league team that all came through the Mets’ organization. Whenever you have an organization that you get drafted by, or you’re in an organization like that, that develops their players and don’t go out and do trades to get players and stuff like that, it really is good. The Yankees are a perfect example. They trade to get good players – Alex RodriguezJohnny DamonCC Sabathia, all those guys – you don’t see that in the Mets organization. And that’s good because like I said they develop their players.


For the entire interview, check out Metsblog. Link opens in new tab, so that you can keep reading my post and others on Mets Hot Corner 😉


Frank Francisco is 17/20 in save opportunities, not bad at all. However, Franky Frank has a tendency to make things a bit too interesting and Mets fans aren’t exactly left with great memories and healthy stomachs thanks to past closers who also loved to make things far too interesting. In an interview for The New York Post concerning the Subway Series this weekend, Francisco made these comments: “I can’t wait to face those chickens,” Mets closer Frank Francisco told The Post when asked about playing the Yankees in this weekend’s Subway Series at Citi Field. “I want to strike out the side against them. I’ve done it before.

It made my night to read that. Many people dislike the idea of trash talk in baseball, I love it. The thing behind trash talk though is that the players need to back it up, and if you’re a major league player then that should be no problem doing because you have the “stuff” and the talent to do so. If you have the guts to say you’ll strike them out then you better have the guts and the focus and motivation to actually do it when the opportunity presents itself. You get it done and you’ll look like a total badass – you don’t and you’ll look like a loser. I think Francisco will back his talk up, he’s got the attitude to do so.

Subway Sweep! 

Speaking of the Subway Series, I predict the Mets will sweep the Yankees in grand fashion as Dickey tops off the 3rd and final game with a gem; baffling and making the Yanks’ lineup look silly.

Hopefully Ike Davis has a great series, Duda and Wright continue their production, Murphy explodes out of his vicious slump, Valdespoin and Hairston stay clutch, the starting pitching stays nasty, and the bullpen gets outs.

Is that too much to ask?

Lets Go Mets!