So it’s been a while since I exposed my thoughts on this blog because frankly I’ve just been frustrated. I saw the Mets go from first to last in a matter of a couple of weeks. I sit here in my office chair working on the biz and watching Mets games on the good ol’ computer and I just ask myself, “Why?”

Because I’m a Mets fan. A true, die hard, never give in to the dark side, hate the city of brotherly love, Mets Fan!

I can sit href and list all the bad things that have been happening, but why pick at the scabs and make them bleed again. There really is just no point. But what I can say is that it’s good to finally see a little bit of change going on here. Wright was on the bench last night. Ollie is finally out of the rotation, but he still haunts us in the bullpen though. Catala-whatever is finally gone and as soon as we get rid of Matthews Jr., we might be on our way. But we need so much more.

The bullpen used to be so good and reliable, but I can’t fault it in the least. The amount of work these pitchers have gone through is just ridiculous! If we had a starting rotation that could stay in the game for more than four innings, I think we would have more wins under our belt. Dickey pitched last night and only gave up three runs, but to tell you the truth, put him up against a better team and I see a ton more traffic on the bases and more crooked numbers on the board. Do we have anyone in the farm system? Is it time to finally break this team up and get some REAL pitching?

Oh how the frustration rolls on – but I’m a Mets fan! That’s how we all roll!