I’m up super late last night because Coke is evil. Forget energy drinks, if you want to stay up and get some work done grab a Classic.

Anyway, I decide to check out Twitter and I start to see a bunch of quotes about Philly being the mystery team and sure enough I knew the end was coming.

The clock struck midnight and the party was over. Sandy Alderson’s dress turned back into a pile of filthy rags and the evil step-sisters known as the Phillies laughed and rejoiced.

At the same time, all I could think about was how Mets fans were left to talk about the coaching staff this week as our biggest “news”. Yeah, great – because Mookie being at first base is going to make us a spectacular team, right?

I don’t want to hear about 2012 anymore. The money we’re loosening up, the options we’ll have then, wait until next, next year. What about now? Do you really think the Phillies are going to get knocked out of the playoffs next year? Honestly? NO WAY! Come 2012, we still have to face that rotation unless Oswalt goes in the crapper – which I doubt.

But let’s say Oswalt is gone in 2012, who do we put up against their first three starters? Johan and then what? C’mon! It’s a joke! Pitching wins baseball games. Period. The Mets could re-incarnate Murderer’s Row and get them all in Mets uniforms and they would still lose against the Phillies. Hell, the Yankees could and lose to the Phillies – their rotation is that good!

Let’s not forget our ace is hoping to be back in a Mets uniform by the All-Star break. Hope being the main word in that sentence because you and I both know that’s not going to happen. Especially since we’ll be waiting for next, next year – who’s going to rush him? Alderson can talk all day about Johan being back, but even he knows he has nothing else to offer Mets fans at the moment, so why not try and use that to “brighten” our day.

I know we’re out of luck this year, it’s a fact we have to deal with, but I’m calling it – Phillies are taking it all in 2011 no question.