The dust has settled, anger subsided and the dawn of a new era is starting to take center stage. The realization that we are not making any dramatic moves has been confirmed by the signing of these new “what ifs” to the fold and you really can’t complain about who they are. They’re cheap and they don’t really hurt the wallet that much.

Listening to my dose of WFAN recently, especially when Ed Coleman is on has just about convinced me that we will not see Oliver Perez in a Mets uniform at the start of the season, and with the signing of Chris Young, it looks like Castillo is also out the door. Yeah, they’re really expensive releases, but it had to be done none the less and it does show that the Sandy Alderson means business and will do what he has to do to put a winner on the field – even if it’s just temporary until 2012. (Yesterday we were told that we would see Perez and Castillo at Spring Training, so who knows. I’ve seen strange things happen in the past.)

Big Pelf made a statement on WFAN pretty much saying there is no reason this team can’t win. When you think about it for a second, he’s absolutely right. I don’t see why we can’t win with what we are putting out there on Opening Day, it really makes no sense to me. But I guess that’s where all the psychological stuff comes into play.

You think you’re the best – you play like the best. You think you’re no good – you play like you’re no good.

The SF Giants played like they could beat anyone back in October and they did just that. There was no way they were beating the Phillies, none whatsoever – and then it happened. They even took it an extra step and brought home a trophy.

Can you catch fire? Can you play the whole year and keep up with the other guys? Of course you can. Let’s see where the Mets go from here.