Reading this news is simply remarkable to say the least. I am a HUGE Gil Hodges fan and I wrote a post about this almost one year ago to the day about how the rules for Hall Of Fame Induction should be changed. You can read the full post here, but here is my excerpt about Hodges:

I don’t expect to hear some crazy moves or decisions, but it would be great to have some sort of revision to give Gil Hodges a shot. I am still so disappointed that he is not in Cooperstown with his brothers. I know he wasn’t God’s gift to baseball, but he was just “THAT GUY” you expected to be in eventually. What about being the manager of the Miracle Mets? That 1969 Series is still one of the most talked about in history and he played an integral part of that team. What is the deal?

I still feel as strongly today than I ever have. Hot Stove baseball is the only thing I look forward to in sports when the baseball season is over, but this year I may be making plans to head up to Cooperstown to see my all-time favorite Met inducted into the Hall Of Fame, even if it is wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers hat.

“It’s beyond us why he hasn’t been elected,” Marty Adler, founder and president of the Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame, told the New York Times in ’08. “Some people say I’m so prejudiced toward the Brooklyn Dodgers that I can’t accept the fact that he’s just not good enough. But you’re supposed to look at a player during his playing tenure, and in my honest opinion he was clearly the best first baseman of an entire decade.”

Let’s just hope the Golden Era committee does the right thing. To read the full MLB story click here.