The new Major League Baseball CBA apparently will allow blood testing to detect HGH in players starting in February of 2012. This is fantastic, but I honestly wish it could have been sooner. Barry Bonds stole the home run record by using HGH, and I don’t need any physical proof to say that. All you need to do is look at pictures, it’s all the proof you need.

I know trying to get an edge in baseball is actually part of the game – it has been for years. Things like corked bats and scuffing the ball are not cool at all, but using chemicals to make you better than anyone else, and breaking records that are pretty to die hard fans just hurts a whole lot more.

What I don’t understand is that if you get caught using HGH, you will get the same punishment that is currently in place for PEDs detected through urine tests. That I do not agree with at all – if you get caught cheating, you should be banned from baseball.

MLB condemns the 1919 Black Sox and Pete Rose for gambling and altering the outcome of games, so why not the users of HGH and PEDs? They have an edge over every other CLEAN player in the league, so what’s the deal? Losing games for monetary gain is just as bad as taking drugs for monetary gain, so if you want to clean this game up, treat them like you treat the gamblers.

Will this fix everything, I don’t know. But it’s def worth more of a conversation than I’ve been seeing these past couple of days – more so than uniform changes.