“I don’t know who’s saying that I’m not ready or whatever, because according to everything, the way it has been done, we’re right on the right track and where we’re supposed to be. Whoever is saying that I’m not ready I think is lying.” – Johan Santana

First thing I read about this morning is how Johan Santana is suffering a major setback in his rehabilitation. Moments later I read the quote above and just started shaking my head and wondering how much more money we just wasted on the wrong players.

Santana was a great signing, but when you look at the grand scheme of things, especially since good ol’ 2006, it’s just another chapter in the unfortunate life of a Mets fan. And at this point, I don’t even care about what’s going on with Santana because I wrote him off for the season and I rarely even mention him in my posts. Of course a healthy Santana is lethal, but we’re nowhere near that at all, and our ace at this point in time is Mike Pelfrey.

Reading Santana’s quote this morning was pretty comical and made me chuckle I have to admit. All I could think about was how my uncles would never admit to anything being wrong and they too would call whoever was speaking out of turn a liar. My family is from South America as well, so I can totally see his mannerisms while talking to the press about the “setback” – but I can also see how he would be lying.

Who knows what’s really going on with Santana, but at this point I don’t think it really matters unless the Mets are making some sort of miracle run. And even then, they have to be on the run through at least August to garnish some interest in Santana coming back into the rotation. The best course of action is to let Johan rehab at his own pace, get back the strength in his shoulder, and hopefully come back by the start of next season and give us a great 2012.