It’s been a while since the Mets gave me anything good to write about. Yeah, I shouldn’t let that deter me from giving you my two cents, but it happens. Just ask the Mets.

There is a silver lining. Omar and Jerry are gone and after listening to Jeff Wilpon on WFAN, Ollie sounds out as well. Oh, and let’s not forget about our own Mike Tyson. Yep, the start sounds good so far, but let’s see what happens after the post season.

Enough about that, what about the blog? The Corner? The lack of posts? It’s easy! Simple answer – redesign!

Yep! I had fun with the blog this year up until after the all-star break and I want this to be more. I see other blogs out there and the same stuff keeps getting regurgitated. We all know about the news, we all read Mets Blog and check out the tweets every two minutes, so why do I need to read it anywhere else?

Enter Mets Hot Corner! Changes are being made and I’m looking forward to not only providing real fan thoughts and opinions, but I hope to add a few more fans to the fold and really get our wheels turning.

Check back soon for a brand new layout, but for now, keep on reading!