Two blown saves in three days. If it was against the Braves or the Phillies, maybe it hurts a little less – but the Nationals and Marlins? There is just no excuse for that.

Rodriguez was never a Met, I’m still sticking to that story, but he was great. Looking over his career line here, you can’t deny that – so who takes his place?

I hope the front office figures that out before anything else. Having the greatest rotation in the world means nothing unless you have a solid bullpen late in the game – especially late in the season. Listening to Parnell make excuses that it’s been a long year, and even having Terry Collins back that up to en extent is just disheartening.

What if we were on a run? Last series was make or break for a wild card berth and Parnell blows two games? Chalk it up to fatigue? Late in the year? Give me a break!! Even at the league minimum you make great bank, stop making excuses and just do your job!

At this point, Manny Acosta is looking sweet, as well as Izzy – but that’s just for now. The Mets really need pitching and I hope we save enough to get it. As was proven yesterday, pitching wins games!