The San Francisco Giants put an end to the Atlanta Braves season tonight by giving Bobby Cox a bittersweet sendoff. The better team won, but do they realistically have a chance against the Phillies?

Realistically – no. Do I want them to beat the pants off of them? Of course! I can’t stand the Phillies, nor the braves and I was rooting for the Giants since the post season began. I wanted to see Wagner fail as their closer. I wanted Chipper to go home with a frown on his face. I wanted the reign of terror known as the Cox era Braves to be over. Unfortunately the Phillies still remain.

I’m rooting for the old residents of the long gone Polo Grounds, but the fact of the matter is we’re staring at another Phillies World Series appearance. They have stellar pitching and at the end of the day it wins ballgames. You can have the best offense in the league but if they can’t hit the baseball…which brings me to my next thought. Lincecum against Halladay.

These two phenoms gave us two of the best games we’ve ever seen! One historic and one boasting fourteen strikeouts. This game one has the potential to be one of the best pitching duels of all time! I just might have to invest in a Giants hat by this weekend – NY Giants that is!!

What about the Rays & Rangers? Oh yeah that’s right, it doesn’t matter.

Whoever decides to get their act together for tonight’s game is staring at the dreaded Bronx Bombers. Watching those guys play the other night was so irritating and yet I was so envious. You look at their lineup and you really can’t find a hole. The game winner can come from any of those nine spots and that’s really gotta be a stellar feeling whether you’re on the bench, in the stands or at home. Ugh, I can’t believe I just wrote that but I’m learning to be a realist.

Regardless I’m still hoping for an upset on both sides. Having the opportunity to see the Giants and Rangers fight it out for the trophy would give us a fresh set teams to watch. I’ve had enough of the Phils, Yanks, Rays and Braves. It’s like watching the same movie over and over again but this isn’t “The Godfather”, it’s fricken “Waterworld”!

You’re going to get the whole “that would be boring” baseball according to some and I can guarantee MLB doesn’t want to see it either. But whatever, its time for a change already!