The Mets got a gift from Mother Nature last night and had the game called after 5 innings of ball. Reyes’ awesome running gave the Mets a quick 1 – 0 lead in the first and it proved to be the game winner. Pelfrey looked good last night, but as Jerry said “Had a bunch of traffic out there…” and was pretty lucky not to have given up three or four runs easy. Regardless, he was still able to get himself out of trouble, so it may not be luck, but just good pitching and not giving in to the evil thoughts that use to reside in his head.

Honestly, I think the weather got to Pelf last night. Ever try throwing a ball in cold weather? Now throw some moisture on it and try to throw a breaking ball the goes outside and breaks inside at the last moment. Yeah, pretty rough and yet Pelfrey was able to hold his own and the goose eggs kept coming. His current streak lies at 24 straight scoreless innings and is now sporting a 0.69 ERA – The BEST in Major League Baseball.

The Braves were the first series sweep for the Mets and I think it couldn’t have come at a better time. The first ten games of the season were just woeful, I mean bad. I thought we were in for more of the same, but I knew it was too early to be thinking like that, yet I still had those thoughts. All of a sudden we have nine more games and the Mets turn the tide! I’m talking real baseball! We are back over 500 and a mere 1.5 games behind the first place Phils. The Dodgers are coming into town and then I have a pretty good feeling we’ll be taking the top spot over the weekend!