I haven’t been this excited about a playoff game since 2006. The year of the pitcher is getting even better – and did you think that could actually happen? Perfect games, no-hitters, perfect game blunders (Hey Jim!) and even more no-hitters – in the post season no less!!

I’m rooting for the Giants, obviously, and I really want to see Lincecum stick it to the Phils. The man is a GAMER! Did you see the way he got excited in Game 4 against the Braves? That was inspiring! Seeing players get that excited about the game of baseball just gets me every time! That’s why I love Papelbon and Joba – just for those moments when they don’t give a damn and let everyone know they are the man!

I’m not going to ignore the fact that Roy Halladay just gave us another no-hitter in the post season. He’s the man and in my opinion the best pitcher in the post season right now. But what if he has an off night? What if he gets another 8 strikeouts, but Lincecum comes back with 14? What if both of these fireballers have no-hitters going into the 9th?

That is the beauty of baseball – you just never know – and that is what keeps us watching.